Yummo! Smoothie Time!

I bought smoothie goodies several months ago.  Actually, I thought I was buying a gallon of Pineapple-Coconut Frozen Yogurt.  Because why would they sell regular yogurt in a gallon ice cream container?  No, really… why?  Because I now have a gallon of yogurt.  Frozen yogurt.  Sigh.

I came home from Sam’s that day so excited.  I couldn’t wake to make some yummy fruity drinks!  Then we tried to use the blender.  And what we ended up with was a mess.  Turns out the glass part was a bit worn out.

So I borrowed a friend’s blender a couple weeks ago–and I am hoping she doesn’t ask for it back!  I am a smoothie/frappachino/any-frozen-concoction making fool!

This is what we just enjoyed:

frozen mango, a banana, and papaya blended with milk and pineapple juice.  SOOO good.  Actually, I’ve been trying to like the flavor of papaya after I heard of all the health benefits.  Turns out papaya can cure anything that ails you from inflammation to cuts and burns!  Too bad it tastes like trash.  It’s becoming more tolerable the more I try it.  I think we might be on the right road here!

ice, milk, instant coffee, a spoon of cocoa powder, and two spoons of sugar.  Okay, so I know this has sugar in it.  But really, so does my coffee.  So why not blend my coffee into a frozen frappachino?  It tastes better than the Sainted Starbucks (I really do love these guys…) due to the fact that I can drink it in my pajamas while I am harvesting my baby’s bottle AND poking around on Facebook.  Sigh. I really did read that multitasking isn’t so great for your brain… I should stop that.

freshly squeezed lemon juice, half of a lemon, a bunch of sugar, ice, and water.  Frozen lemonada, anyone?  This is really amazing.  I love lemonade–and the fact that we can make it even more refreshing as we continue to live in the desert is a treat.  The actual lime (skin and all) adds a different flavor (my husband says).  Ideally you would strain this out before adding ice.  Ideally.  Or you drink around it.

Sigh.  I love Mexico.  I love fresh fruit.  I love that I can buy drinks like these when I am out and about.  Yummmm.  I am now wanting to blend everything I drink first.  Frozen sweet tea, anyone?