About Me

I once had life all figured out.  Then I turned 27.  There is a reason why a “club” exists for people who die when they are 27.

Never could I imagine life would happen like this…

  1. August 2011:  Quit Job.
  2. September 2011:  Look for job.  Demand that it be something other than teaching.
  3. October 2011:  Dumped by my boyfriend of two years.  Move (officially…kinda) to my mom and dad’s house in East Tennessee.
  4. November 2011:  Continue to have a love/hate relationship with East Tennessee.  Bake a lot.
  5. December 2o11:  Rediscover loving teaching.  Sign up for an international teaching website.  Get a job.
  6. January 2012:  Move to Mexico.
  7. February 2012:  Fall in love with Mexico.
  8. March 2012:  Get a new boyfriend.  And an intestinal infection.
  9. April 2012:  Avoid work with a muy fuerte kidney infection.
  10. June 2012:  Get married.  Make a baby.
  11. July 2012: Move to the U.S. and learn that I’m expecting!
  12. August 2012:  Move to Northern Mexico to begin a new job
  13. September-February 2012: Learn to love this little guy.

So busy learning the art of living

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.  –Henry Ellis

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