Seven Years of Adventures


I can’t believe it.

It has officially been seven full years since I arrived to Mexico. Well, seven full years and a couple days… Our workers reminded me that seven is a perfect number.

Seven years ago, I wanted to find my place in the world–and my place in God’s kingdom. I applied for jobs literally all over the world. It is amazing as I go back and read those posts. I never planned this for myself. I thought six months in Mexico would be a sufficient amount of time for my quarter-life crisis. It turns out, it was just enough time to get swept away (first by Mexico, then by Victor…haha!)

Having gorditas with our workers for lunch December 31, 2018. Gorditas are delicious tortilla pockets filled with whatever you might put on a taco.

This last year has been unique. Because of the lack of homes with extra space in our field, we’ve had the privilege of having the workers live with us for a week to two weeks at a time. They leave here to visit the next state over for about a week, then come back. That gives me just enough time to procrastinate cleaning their rooms until the night before they arrive! There is one other home here in town with room for the workers to stay–a couple who left Monterrey to move here to help out. It’s amazing. And the above photo was when I didn’t prepare lunch in time to feed my crew. Insert a sheepish grin… (It’s vacation, y’all!)

I know this coming year will be one of great changes. We are preparing for the unknown for Victor–and a move back to Tennessee for the girls and and myself. I am (trying) to put my trust and faith in the right place. That which is meant to be…will be! We’re trusting in the living God! Victor and I chatted about it the other night: if his visa isn’t approved, it won’t be a big deal. We will move back to Mexico for a couple years–the girls (and I) will have a couple more years to speak Spanish. If he gets his visa, that will be great too. We will build a little life in the hills of East Tennessee.

It’s hard sometimes for me. I am a dreamer. I have my house designed, sleepovers planned with my sisters and the cousins, and a job (almost) lined up. Of course, there have been other times in life that I had everything planned to go my way…and it didn’t.

This is what I know: God has nothing but the best planned for us. We will be fine, because no matter where we go, he will be guiding us. If things don’t go my way, it just means a better way is waiting for us!

Love to you all in this new year! I hope to see you soon–with all of my little Mexican loves in tow.