Ale was really sweet trying to determine what was up with Bubbles!

Who’s the greatest dog around?
Who’s the cutest dog in town?
Little Bubbles, he’s our pup
And we love him oh-so-much!

It’s Bubbles! It’s Bubbles!
A wiggly-waggly Bubbles
It’s Bubbles! It’s Bubbles!
Good ol’ Bubbles, Yeah! Our golden dog

This is Jojo’s request at night when we begin to sing.  It’s based on a song in a Clifford book that I read to Ale–and not knowing the music was at the back, I just made up my own as we went along.  We sang that song for years, so when Jojo wanted a song about Bubbles, it was what popped into mind.

I couldn’t sing about him starring in Hollywood, so the verses have changed to fit our dog.

Who takes his mama for a walk?
Who plays with Simon in the park?
Who chases chickens in the yard?

You get the point, right?  Because I forgot what we usually sing on that last line.  The song changes every night with the exception of the Chorus: It’s Bubbles!…

Bubbles has been a bit of a point of contention for us.  I got him without Victor’s full support.  I have really good reasons, but I probably should have waited until he was more on board.  Let’s just say he’s learning to love Bubbles…

When we got Rocky a few years ago, it was mutual.  He was a free bassat that a high school student was giving away.  We loved him so much in his short little life.  Ale was almost two at the time, and she would wake up and RUN to the door looking for him.  When Rocky got sick, Victor and I employed country thinking: let’s just see how he does, and if he doesn’t get better, we will take him to the vet.  The next day, Rocky seemed better.  Then he died…  I’ve never seen my husband so distraught.  It was the saddest thing to happen to us in the few years we were together.

A few days ago, Bubbles seemed sick.  It isn’t too surprising–he does try to eat every smelly thing he finds.  BUT we have taken him for his shots, so we really thought he was going to be fine.  We waited a couple days, but the poor guy seemed really out of it.  Now, you should know that I do the same thing with my kids.  I don’t rush them to the doctor, they aren’t fully up-to-date on their immunizations, and I let fevers burn for a bit before administering medicine.  So this isn’t a case of us treating him as less than our children.  Sometimes little bugs work themselves out: two nights ago Ale threw up all night long.  I didn’t send her to the doctor the next morning, I just slowly added some electrolytes back into her diet before giving food.

Last night was my limit with my little Bubs.  I started googling his symptoms, and I worked myself into a frenzy.  What if we had another Rocky situation on our hands?  We would never forgive ourselves.  Luckily, the veterinarian is about 1/2 a mile away.  He responded to my text by letting me know that he was still in the office, and I could come on by before he left.  We loaded up our sick pup, who had spent the day lying around and looking at us with sad eyes.  The doctor gave him antibiotics and something to reduce his fever–and instructions that included not taking him to the street until his vaccines are complete.

Today he’s better–not completely, but much better.  And if anything, we all love him more.  Even his reluctant papa…

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