A Chicken’s Life

Victor and I are SO looking forward to the day that we don’t live in the city.  We aren’t city people.  I mean, don’t get me wrong: I love trash pick-up, public transportation, and corner drugstores.  But the list of things I want to get away from is so much longer!

When we moved to our new house last year, the greatest thing that appealed to us was the backyard.  Yes! Grass!  Grass means chickens!

So, in February we started looking for some chicks.  And we found some.  And we accidentally killed them. (Don’t judge us…we live in the desert.)  And then we got more.  The most exciting news that I received when I was home in Tennessee was that the hens had started laying eggs.  So imagine my surprise when I came back, so excited, and was attacked by our rooster.  Grrrr…

This week was an eventful week though:  on Wednesday our first little chickie eggs hatched, and so now we have four little chicks.  Then yesterday morning we killed our rooster, so now our backyard is a safe place again! Free from the talons of that tyrant!

We didn’t really know how to go about the killing of that guy… I mean, I remember my grandmother killing chickens.  And Victor’s mom raises and kills her own chickens.  But Mamaw and my suegra aren’t here.  So Friday night, I did my research.  (Seriously, what did we ever do without internet?)  Armed with new knowledge, I told Victor what I had watched and read about–and together, we crossed a line.

Let me be clear here: Victor killed the jerk, but then he left him, hanging up on the fence and went to work.  So it was up to me to do the rest of the work.  It’s no joke.  They make it look so easy on YouTube!!  And I made quite a few mistakes.  But once the feathers, head and feet are off a dead chicken, he just looks like something from the grocery store.  I won’t lie and tell you that it was easy.  Somehow I cut the wrong bone, and I am covered in cuts on one hand from trying to clean out the cavity.  But, I did it.  Let me tell you, if people had to do this every time they wanted chicken, there’s no way we would eat as much meat as we do!

So, last night we had beans cooked in chicken broth.  I have boneless skinless breast and thighs in my fridge, and two chicken legs are ready for roasting.  Not to mention, that mama hen starting laying eggs again two days after her pollitos hatched, so we had egg sandwiches for breakfast!

Ahh… the urban farm life…  And such a peaceful one without listening to that gallo singing to us all day long!!

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  1. I’m impressed and a little jealous. I want chickens but we don’t have quite the space needed here to have them and the city has an ordinance prohibiting them. We do need to move out of town. I’ve never killed or processed a chicken, but am proud that you have!

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