Three About Three

Three years old is either going to make me or break me.  

There are moments of sweet.  There are moments of sour.  And then there are moments of, “I’m just gonna…”

I’m just gonna:

1) Eat it–Ale eats everything, but seems to be in a lull for her normally voracious appetite.  We can’t pick up her dishes after a meal if any food is left in the dish.  By the end of the day, I wash no less than four bowls and an assortment of cups and utensils.  She won’t share her food with her Papi.  We can’t save it for later in the fridge.  I can’t even give it to neighborhood dogs, because… “I’m just gonna eat that.”

2) Play with it–toys are all over the living room.  All over it.  Play Doh toys.  Dress up magnet dolls. Baby dolls.  Little People.  Barbie dolls.  Matchbox cars.  If I ask her to pick up something and put it away, she can’t, because… “I’m just gonna play with that.”

3) Wear it–Ale is really interested in her dresses.  Her fancy dresses.  Her sun dresses.  Her tutus.  Her flouncy skirts.  She doesn’t want them buttoned, because that would make it difficult to remove them and throw them onto the floor.  We can’t pick them up and put them into her closet, because… “I’m just gonna wear that.”

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