Thanksgiving #3 in Mexico

My first year in Mexico I flew home for Thanksgiving.  Since Ale was born, I’ve stayed in town and prepared a Thanksgiving meal for my family and the other extranjeros, or foreigners.  This year, my party grew, and so did our turkey!

I’ve become less intimidated about cooking turkey.  I think it is over emphasized, and this year I appreciated an article that helped me to feel better about my bird: 17 Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes Everyone Makes  I bought my bird too late.  I thawed him outside of the fridge overnight.  He weighed 11.75 kilos (about 25 pounds).  I just slapped some butter on his breast, used salt and pepper to season him, and cooked him upside down for 4 and 1/2 hours before flipping him over for the last 30 minutes.

He was perfect.

Better yet, he continues to be perfect.  Victor’s been snacking on turkey for two days, today we had turkey sandwiches for lunch, and I’ve made SO much broth from the bones and little bits of meat!  Next up is a turkey pot pie with some leftover pie dough.  Yummo!  This turkey will feed us for weeks!!!

I also managed to make a most delicious dressing that tastes pretty much like my Mamaw’s.  This is how I accomplished that:

Mamaw’s Cornbread Dressing

1 skillet of cornbread crumbled
10-12 biscuits crumbled
1/4 cup of fresh sage, minced (About 15-20 leaves)
6-8 stalks of celery, minced
1 whole white onion, minced
1 green bell pepper, minced
left over chicken and chicken parts, minced (optional)
Broth from chicken or turkey
Salt/Pepper to taste

In a pot, boil all those goodies you take out of your turkey (neck, lungs, etc.) Save this broth for your dressing. Crumble and chop all ingredients listed above into a large bowl. Add broth until everything is moistened. Add salt and pepper to flavor the dressing. (You can taste it here–all the ingredients are cooked, so no worries of getting sick!) Throw this into a casserole dish, and pop in the oven and bake until the top is crispy. Enjoy!

The best part of this Thanksgiving was the preparation: two of Ale’s aunties came over to help us get ready and prep the food/ house for company.  Having them here as I busied about the kitchen was really special.  It made my family holiday seem more like a family holiday!

What I didn’t count on was the major exhaustion from being on my feet for 14 hours cooking and entertaining!  I didn’t count on being eight months pregnant while preparing turkey, dressing, and homemade rolls for 20 people wearing me out–but it sure did!  That night I went to bed with an achy body, contractions and cramping, and fell asleep singing to Ale.  Victor said I kept trying to sing to her after I was asleep.

Whew!  Who knew that hosting Thanksgiving took so much work!  Wow!

Sisters: A Forever Kind of Friendship

ale and baby

“I want to kiss the baby!”

Victor and I were excited to find out that we were expecting again.  It wasn’t something that we had planned, but the best things in life seem to be the things I haven’t planned for myself!  This little baby is a blessing to our family!

I haven’t really announced this baby on social media, and I have kept quiet even on here until now.  It seems that having one sweet little girl has made it more real how fragile life is–and I haven’t felt comfortable talking much about this new life until now.  I have friends who have struggled to conceive, friends who have lost precious babies the early weeks, and friends who have carried to full term only to lose the baby at the end.  I am aware that life is God’s gift to be given and taken away.  How humbling!

Ale has become so excited about Baby Sister.  She hugs me, kisses my belly, and plays with all the baby’s things that we have been getting ready.  Originally we thought a little boy would be joining our family–and it wasn’t until nearly my third trimester that the doctor went to confirm the sex and was surprised by the evidence (or lack thereof) on the ultrasound.  While I was shocked, I started to think of how great it would be to have a little sister for Ale.

I am a little sister.  And I have a little sister.  There’s nothing quite like the relationship of sisters!  I love my brothers dearly, but there’s something different about sisters.  I think of these sweet older ladies that I grew up with in meeting.  The three sisters.  Even in their old age, they were fast friends!  My own Mamaw and her sister, Aunt Lucy, were also together to the end.  Sisters are like friends you didn’t choose for yourself–again confirming that the choices we don’t make for ourselves are the best!

Sisters get to sleep together.  Sisters get to live together.  Sisters get to share clothes, shoes, hair products, and bedrooms.  Sisters get to share secrets.  Sisters get to be silly, scary, and sneaky.  Sisters make memories every time they are together.  Sisters bring up memories that the other wishes could be forgotten.  Sisters sing, play, snuggle and giggle.  Sisters fight and forgive.  Sisters gossip.  Sisters encourage.  Sisters believe the best.  Sisters accept the worst.  Sisters stick together.  Sisters are forever friends.


Not the best picture of any of us, but the last sister photo we have together.