Water in the Valley of Baca

Last night, as I thanked a brother worker again for cooking supper, he said, “It was really a privilege.  It makes us feel at home–like we are family.  And that is the way it should be.”  And it is true!  Being with the visitors that are here for convention fills a little empty spot inside of me.  It reminds me that fellowship with others is important!  And having the privilege of wonderful visits in this time makes it hard to think of returning to the States.

I’ve been thinking of that Psalm that talks about the valley of Baca.  (Also believed to be the city of Mecca, the valley of Baca is reportedly where Hagar and Ishmael found water.)  I know what it is to be in a desert place.  I understand the desert place spiritually and physically.  And I understand the value of water after having lived in a country where water is a precious resource.

So, when I think of that dry mouth and the thirst that leads up to dehydration, it is easy to see that spiritually that can happen too.  I sit in English conventions with such a full heart–I get to soak up the sweet water from heaven that is so freely given.  Other times, I feel like I am crying for water like Hagar, searching for something to nourish my family and me.

But like Hagar, there is always just enough water to keep me going.

This week hasn’t been a week of searching for water, but it has been a week where I can say, “My cup runneth over…”  I feel that my Spanish is at a level now where a conversation with the workers isn’t a struggle.  My eyes have been opened to see the struggles of my little meeting, and with that, I feel an outpouring of love towards the members there.  I have wonderful examples here of many ladies who have kept going from “strength to strength.”  And despite living in a desert, we have water in the valley of Baca.

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