An Open Home

For as long as I can remember, when I would think of growing “older,” my desire was always to have an “open home.”  I wanted to have a place that God’s people could meet–and a place where the workers would always feel “at home.”

I woke up this morning with the hymn “Homes of Zion” on my mind…again…

Take my home and consecrate it, Use my heart, my hands, my all;
Let me live in loving service, Make Thy will my daily goal.
Make my home a home of Zion, Place to pray and meditate;
Where God’s family can be gathered, Safely met inside the gate.

We had the sweet privilege of having a new sister worker join us for her first night in the work this week.  I could hardly greet her without tears springing into my eyes.  Victor, ever yet innocent, sweetly asked the other workers who were with us to share their testimonies.  Together there were nearly 100 years of service from the four workers that had supper with us.  Even now, my heart is so full when I think on their influence in multiple countries all over the world.

Again Friday night two brothers stayed with us–we didn’t have supper or get to visit much, but I was so happy that they were with us.  One of the brother workers has shared music to the hymns in both English and Spanish when he has been with us before.  This visit he gave me one of the sweetest gifts:  Cds with the music of Juventino.  THE Juventino singing his own hymns.  (Juventino wrote many of the hymns that we have in the Spanish hymn book.)  It is so nice to listen and even understand a little…

My heart is already so full as I prepare for special meeting today–but my need is ever-so-great.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, as well as aspirations. May your desires be fulfilled, and your experiences with your family be rich in content for fellowship.

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