World Read Aloud Day

I started my day off this morning by checking out a stack of books to take across the street to Ale’s daycare.  Today, after all, is World Read Aloud Day!  I wanted my little girl to get books read to her all day long.

While at school, I began researching reading aloud online.  I wanted to find this statistic that I heard from Pam Allyn, Director and Founder of Lit Life, while at a conference last year.  She mentioned that students who are read to three times a day are one full year ahead of other students–regardless of socioeconomic status!  Alas, I didn’t find that statistic today, but what I did find was equally fascinating.  

The benefits of reading aloud are countless!  There is, of course, the overwhelmingly popular fun factor.  Being read to is fun!  And kids who get that are more likely to enjoy reading themselves!  Even from birth reading to children has benefits:  babies learn to associate reading with love.  They hear language structure and new vocabulary when they listen to books.  The vocabulary that comes from a picture book is often different than what someone might speak each day.  Even young adults love to be read to–and their listening comprehension is beyond that of their independent ability.  It isn’t until 8th grade that those two levels become balanced; therefore, the sophisticated language that children listen to causes them to think critically.  This, in turn, develops cognitive ability– not to mention, the emotional side of a reader.  Whew!  If that doesn’t make you want to pick up a book, I don’t know what will!

After a full day at school, I finally was able to read to my own precious punkin before turning in for the night.  I picked this up for her special last weekend in Texas.  I actually was looking for a character and a well-known title–I was so glad we went this route!  The bear is just the perfect to hide behind a pillow until his big reveal!

And this was the perfect ending to a perfect day of celebrating reading aloud… Make someone’s day by reading aloud today.  Let’s make everyday a read aloud day!

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