Shop ‘Til You Drop

Wow!  I had such an adventure this weekend!  A friend and I took a shopping trip across the border to McAllen, TX.  They have these buses that leave on Friday evening, take you shopping all day Saturday, and return you on Sunday. Whew!  It is as exhausting as it sounds!

I came back home with my bank account significantly lighter, but my suitcase was back breaking heavy!  As you travel from shop to shop, you stop and fill up your suitcase.  I nicely fit in my suitcase some clothes for my family, new toothbrushes, tooth paste, pistachio pudding, an electric water kettle, new sandles, a new face regime from Dillard’s, party supplies for Ale’s birthday, 9 porceline ramekins, 7 new books, some toys to give out for daycare birthdays, and way more than I can remember!  Basically, now I know this is a legit operation, I don’t have to stress in the summer to get my suitcase packed properly with purchases for the year!

You can tell by this picture that it was a rough trip…

More than anything, I was so happy to come home to my sweet baby and husband.  It was like Christmas showing off what I found for them!  I am already planning a return trip–well, when I recover from this one!

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