It’s a Strange World…

I remember the Myspace rage–posting photos, songs, making playlists.  I have actually made and kept some Myspace friends from those early days of growing social media.  I am as guilty as the next 30-something-er for having too much on social media.  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram–they all have grown in popularity!  I use them mostly for pleasure, but in recent years, I have also relied on Twitter and Facebook for networking with my job.

I know that my name is out there too much.  Essentially, all you have to do is Google me and up pops my life story!  I know I have too many pictures of my family.  As my new principal likes to tease, he found my naked pictures of Ale a signal of motherhood.  I know I should start thinking of closing some of my sites down… And yet, social media is also how I stay connected with my friends at home!

I love the Timehop photos my friends always post on Facebook.  I can’t do that–as my Facebook is only three years old.  When I came to Mexico, I started a new Facebook.  I called it my Mexican Facebook–a place for a clean slate.  People would only be my friends from my old life if they sought me out.  Eventually my new Facebook grew into what it is today:  mostly new Mexico Facebook friends mixed with a growing number of friends from high school and my Virginia life.

In all this time of being a social media junkie, I have had no security issues.  Until today.  Really it is quite strange.  I have had people ask to be my friends on Facebook that I do not know.  And today I received two notifications–Facebook and my email–letting me know that someone is trying to sign onto my account.  Interesting, huh?  For the life of me, I can’t figure out what would make someone want to get into my business.

A warning to you social-media junkies: Something strange is in the air.

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