Happy Thanksgiving!

What I am thankful for:

10). Work
I love that I get paid to promote literacy. Which means if ever I need to read something no one thinks it is strange to walk in my office and see me with my nose in a book!
9). Selflessness
Our workers just walked out the door after spending the night with us. I won’t see them again until February or March. I appreciate what they do…
8). Land of my birth and the land of my choice
‘Merica and Messico.
7). Health
<I watched a video clip about this teenager with MS. She would run into the arms of her coach at the end of racing long distance. I take for granted my health–and I don't do enough to take care of my body.
6). A strong mind
Learning is what makes me ‘tick.’
5). My family
Supportive, somewhat crazy, so loving
4). A healthy and happy baby
Despite her newly found ability to throw hissy fits, she is a happy little girl. Rarely sick. Smart as can be. My treasure.
3). A loving husband
More loving when he is fed… Glad God led me to him and him to me!
2). God’s plan
So much better than my plan for myself.
1). Jesus’s love and sacrifice
No words needed.

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