Good Night Irene


Sometimes it takes a rough week of sleepless nights for a mama to stop and sigh. Sweet baby, you steal my breath away with your heavy eyes. If dancing the evening away while supper cooks is what it takes for this to happen, you can put on those dancin’ shoes! Mama will take you for a spin around the kitchen every night!

Good night, Irene, good night…

A Letter to My (Not So) Sleepy Baby

Dear Little Girl,

Your mama is tired. No, I don’t think you understand. She is REALLY tired… A week of inconsistent sleep patterns is taking a toll on your old woman.

You know all of those nightly readings of Good Night Moon aren’t suggestions. “Good night moon. Good night cow jumping over the moon.” Really, little girl, you should just replace your name with anything mentioned after “Good night.” Good night, Ale. Good night, Ale. Good night, Ale.

I still love your snuggles. I still love your sweet voice. I still love your bright eyes. But please close them.

Sweet baby, I am loving every change. Your little voice makes my heart smile. To hear you singing makes me swell with pride. Watching you march all over the house like you own the place causes me to giggle. And when you slide up and down off the bed–or bounce around I sigh with resignation.

When I hear your voice at night, hear you singing at night, watch you sliding off the bed to walk around at night… Well… It isn’t so delightful at night. Do you know why, Pumpkin?

Nights are for sleeping.

So, my little sweet pea, when your mama comes home tonight exhausted after a day of work and college, be gentle. And when your mama orders food instead of cooking healthy, forgive her. And when your mama reads you a story and turns out the light, close your eyes. And for the love of all things sweet and kind, please, my precious, go to sleep.

Good night, moon.

And good night (I hope) to you,
Your very sleepy mama