Two months of Silence

My two months of silence have another name: Summer vacation. Well, make that summer vacation plus really bad customer service at our local Telephone and Internet provider.

We finally made it back to Northern Mexico, and we are now in our new house. This is the sixth place Victor and I have lived together in two and a half years. That’s a bit nuts. When we were getting ready to move here, all I could think was, “Whew! We won’t have to move again until we go home!” At least, here’s to hoping!

My little Ale Cat is growing up. She is starting to talk, place, and get a little crazy hyper. I feel like there have been a couple times this week where she was slap-happy-sleepy-drunk. She is a lot of fun.


I’ve started back to work–and I am in my new office! I had a hard time the first couple days. I felt like I was playing dress-up. It feels good now–except ai feel like I have to prove something to my teachers. I have been working super hard the last couple weeks, and worrying a little too much. My second case of iritis since I’ve been in Mexico struck on Sunday. My doctor complemented my ability to self-diagnose. The funny thing is, I was hoping the whole time that I was wrong.

I immediately began to try to calm down. And I had Victor shop for some inflammation fighting foods. It just so happens that they are also delicious… Beets, spinach, and sweet potatoes are accompanying each meal.

My sweet husband is working hard chasing after Ale and getting us settled. I know I’ve said this before, but he is so long-suffering…


I am a lucky gal.