April Fool’s Day is NOT Funny


I feel like the worst teacher in the world.

This is probably top of my charts on bad teaching moments.  It’s up there with the time I stood on a chair and yelled at my class.  It’s up there with the time I accidentally sent home the wrong end-of-the-year testing results to my class.  It’s up there with… eh.  It’s high.

We decided this morning to pull an April Fool’s Day joke on our students.  We each switched classrooms after lunch, and pretended that we had been placed in that class as the teacher for the rest of the year.  We talked about what would be different: no art, no P.E., no recess, lots of math, etc.  Then we left, had a laugh in the hallway, and returned to our own classes.

To tears.

My poor babies.  I feel like the biggest meanie in the world!  They had NO idea it was April Fool’s Day.  They had no idea what April Fool’s Day is.  They couldn’t understand why we say such a mean broma.  I tried to smooth it over by teaching them jokes like, “Your shoelace is untied.”  “There’s something on your shirt.”  “Mom, I have detention.”  That helped.

But I still feel horrible.  I think I may need to bake some cupcakes tomorrow.

April Fool’s Day is no joke, people.  Not in Mexico.

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  1. Hi Niño! I would say that it shows just how much they really admire and trust you, ( next to their patents), which is not only precious but a almost sacred charge. The good thing is now that you realize just how much they do respect you that you can do much to help them as their teacher/mentor. You will do great because you have their best interests at heart. We all make mistakes, but the best thing is when we realist them, change whatever is necessary, and go forward. Tomorrow is a new day both for them and for you, their most trusted teacher. You will do just fine, Love, Dad

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  2. Hi Niño, Hope you had a good day today, and please remember that even if I don’t write to you very often, you and your precious family are always on my mind! Love, Daddy

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