The Pains of Non-Celebrators

Many years ago, (no, seriously…) my sister Jenny and I left my brother’s house in Indiana to drive to Iowa. We left on the 23rd of December, and promptly drove into a horrific freak snowstorm in Illinois. What started as beautiful snowflakes soon became treacherous driving conditions, and my sister’s car slid off the road.

We were able to make it back onto the road, but had to pull off again due to a flat tire. A nice cop came along and gave us a ride to a hotel in Champaign, Illinois. There isn’t much in Champaign. Except Chinese food. How do I know this? Well, everything closes on Christmas Eve. And Christmas. So we were stuck in Champaign eating at a Chinese Restaurant while watching a Law and Order SVU Marathon for two days.

My first thought this morning was, “Oh, it’s Christmas.” My second thought was, “We should go get some Chinese food today.” (We didn’t go get Chinese food–mostly because I think I can cook better than all the restaurants that we eat at. So every time we go, I end up saying, “Next time, I’ll just make this at home.”) The baby and I hung out while Victor went walking all over town. I even had him pick up the goods for stir-fry. Score! Better-than-Chinese-food soon coming to a plate near you!

Our biggest problem today came this evening when we tried to get a taxi. Turns out, all the taxi drivers want Christmas off–go figure! Then the evening culminated with me swearing I would walk home from church in the dark carrying my fat baby rather than pay 80 pesos for a 30 peso fare.

Bah-Humbug! Hope all you celebrators had a good one! Feliz Navidad!

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  1. Hahaha, awesome tradition. Who would’ve figured that two young girls in the most miserable of situations would instead have the most memorable of Christmases?! Take that, all you pessimists!!

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