Last Christmas break we stayed put for two weeks. It was a little depressing… All the foreign hires had left for the States, and I was rather large with child. We also were having a lot of security problems, so Victor and I would lay in bed at night listening to gun fights. Occasionally the dynamite in the hills would go off–and he would let me know which was what.

This Christmas we are staying home again–but it isn’t with great dread like last year. We know a couple others who will also be in town, and we’ve been invited to Christmas dinner at a colleague’s house. We have few plans, and are enjoying our time together.

Actually, day number two started off swell! Ale has been sick for a couple days. This morning, we slept in, and woke up to a little girl who felt a lot better!

It was a balmy 75 degrees outside, with promise of a hot day. We enjoyed breakfast chilaquiles at our favorite little restaurant, the. We walked down the road to take advantage of a two for one coupon at Buzz Cafe (a coffee shop). We sat in the corner talking about the ladies who were ignoring their children. We talked to the children and entertained each other. The baby crawled around for a while–then promptly, this happened:


Ahhh, yes… This stay-cation is just what I my family needed.

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