A Elf Rant


Can I just say that this whole Elf on the Shelf business is crazy? In case you’re living in a bubble, the latest craze is for parents to purchase these dolls that hang out and watch the house. They “manage Santa’s naughty and nice list.”

Of course these are magical dolls that fly to the North Pole every night. And upon returning they are found in a separate place (because when you are asleep they come to life…) My Facebook feed is overflowing with parents who make messes with chocolate, marshmallows, toys, etc. I don’t get it… If he is supposed to keep track of your behavior, why is he so bad?

Enough, people.

Santa pushes it, but at least his story has been around for a long time. This is clever marketing that now is extending to birthday elves too…

But, hey! At least they included a book with this one! Here’s to sneaking a little literacy into Christmas “traditions.”

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