Life on the Floor

We moved into our “new house.” It’s really old.

Because its old, we actually got a really great rate for rent. But we are now in this huge, old, empty house. Seriously, it’s empty.

Bebita and I are sleeping on an air mattress. I’m okay with this. Victor is sleeping on a pallet of blankets on the floor beside us. He prefers this over the air mattress.

We eat on the floor too. We just throw a blanket down, or we join the baby on whatever blanket she’s occupying.

Victor got the shower to work. The first five days we used the water hose outside. Now we have warm water inside. I did step on a giant roach yesterday. Barefoot.

Despite it all, we are happy. Yes, we sleep on the floor of our living room. Yes, our clothes are in trash bags, boxes, and suitcases. Yes, we’d love to have a few things. But, things don’t make you happy! (Said with a full heart despite the empty house…)

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