How Things Have Changed

Today my Vice-principal pointed out that one of the guys was wearing a bracelet that said, “I am Second.” This is referring to God as having first place (pretty cool story behind this, actually…).

I need to make one that says, “I am Third.”

As I slaved over my laundry this afternoon, I began dripping sweat. We don’t have a washing machine yet, and I am hand washing our clothes (again) in true Mexican fashion. My husband reminded me how on our recent trip to visit his family. The baby was behind me in her stroller hanging up out in the shade.

I hear, “Baby, do you want to go take a cold shower?” Finally! I think, Victor’s recognizing my hardwork!. I start to turn around to admit defeat at the evidence of my procrastination…

Then he wheeled the baby off to cool down in a bath. When did I lose the title Baby?

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