My First Mother’s Day

Feliz Dia de Las Madres!

My taxi driver chuckled today when I asked if it was “de las Madres” or “de las Mamas.”  Perhaps it was my American accent, or maybe it was the idea of it being the day of mamas.  In any case, it was a fantastic day!

Last year I wasn’t a mama.  I bought my mama a sweet coffee cup–and this year, I am going to buy myself one.  After all, you only get one a year!  Or do you?  (insert maniacal laugh here…)  I am referring to this wonderful thing called being-a-mama-to-a-Mexican-American-baby.  That means the best of TWO worlds–including (but not limited to) TWO Mother’s Days!

My neighbor greeted me this morning outside and reminded me with a hug and a jovial, “Happy First Mother’s Day!”  Ahh… That sounds good.  I returned the greeting, but didn’t realize as I headed off to work what was in store for me.  See, although I was in Mexico last year, I wasn’t a mama.  And even though I love my mama dearly, the grandness of this day was a little lost on me.  Not the case any longer.

I got hugs as soon as I walked through the door of the school.  Women I don’t even really know were hugging me and telling me congratulations.  I love greeting with a kiss now, but I remember it being so strange a little over a year past.  My students walked in the door with their arms spread to shower me with their love.  I received some candies and a new wallet/purse from the school.

And I left with my head a little higher.

Then I got home.  Snuggled my baby.  And reveled in this amazing job.  There is nothing in the world that has ever made me feel like this.  It isn’t the attention, the presents, or the pride.  It’s the sweetest baby in the world staring up at me with big Mexican eyes–making me fall in love with her over and over and over…

Feliz Dia de Las Madres! 

BeFunky_ale one week.jpg

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