Baby Weight: Gaining and Losing

4_1_13_1Breastfeeding mamas live for the scales.  Or maybe I should clarify: they live for their child to be weighed on the scales.  (That’s if things are going well, of course.)

A week and a half ago, I decided to ignore all that I’ve read about breastfeeding.  This was at my mom’s insistence, and I wish I had done that sooner.  I knew in my gut that things were fine–so why was I holding myself to someone else’s rules?  So what if my baby sleeps longer than three hours–she eats a ton, and she’s totally happy!  She isn’t crying for more, and she looks at me with completely satisfied eyes.  (Mom will love to read this after telling me over and over, “Jania, she’s happy! Look at her!  She’s getting enough to eat!“)


I also broke “the rules” by giving her a pacifier within 24 hours of her birth and a bottle a week after she was born.  It hurt me to see her take the bottle–as if I was less than a great mom because her breast-milk had to be pumped for a while.  It took me a while to get over that too–she was (is) getting breast-milk ..that was (is) the important thing!

I couldn’t wait  for our one month appointment–it’s still a week away!  Especially when we noticed her little double chin and chubby legs.  Yesterday we went to the mall and I voluntarily weighed myself.  (Hooray!  Baby weight is leaving!)  Then I weighed myself with her.  We repeated the same thing with Victor, and the results were consistent!  Our little chubs has gained some weight!  She weighs over nine pounds now!

It’s pretty funny: we spend the first part of our lives with people celebrating every pound we gain.  And the rest of our lives mourning when the numbers on the scale get bigger.  Glad that our weigh-in was a happy occasion for us both!

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  1. Let me do a recap of thoughts….

    CONGRATULATIONS on your blessing of joy! I am so proud of you! Your birth story is beautiful! I am glad you pushed through. You accomplished the birth experience you’d hoped for. As a result, Alexandria Irene. Gorgeous baby girl.
    Breast feeding……it is a live and learn for sure. You are doing a fabulous job! One BIG piece of advice….GRACE! I am giving you the gift of a grace pass. Whether you breast or bottle feed, paci or no paci, disposal or cloth diapers, co sleep or not, schedule or demand feed. …..GRACE! Do what yours for ALEX, JANIA, VICTOR! That is all that matters. Comparison is the death of contenment! Don’t compare Jania. It will drive you nuts. And if “your plan” has to change (ei: bottle) GRACE! It is okay! No one is looking down at you or putting you on a peddlestool if you do one or the other. Just love her and all will natural.
    Dairy! 100% deliciousness! Agree. Cheese! Mmmmmm weakness! That be a tough one to give up.

    Love you Sweet Pea. You are doing a fabulous job. Enjoy.

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