Lactose Intolerance

About three years I ago, I self-diagnosed myself lactose intolerant.  I was living with my sister in Alexandria, and I noticed that I was having a lot of stomach issues.  “Stomach issues” is the way people describe gas and diarrhea when they’re too polite (or embarassed) to admit what’s going on.

My “stomach issues” I determined were caused by ingestion of milk products: milk, ice cream, cheese, ice cream.  Oh, wait.  Did I say ice cream twice?  And so I cut out cut back on my dairy food group.  They should just rename the dairy block of the food pyramid as Deliciousness.  How many servings of Deliciousness do you get per day?

When I quit my high stress job in Northern Virginia, surprisingly, all my stomach issues disappear (along with all my autoimmune annoyances…)  While some of the autoimmune issues resurfaced with some unexplained inflammation, I haven’t had lactose problems for a year.  I’ve heard others comment that it is because the milk is different here in Mexico.

Apparently, I still can’t consume mass quantities of cheese on a daily basis.  I love milk and drink a couple glasses a day, but the quesadillas that I’ve so enjoyed aren’t a good idea.  Today Victor said, “You really like quesadillas right now!  This is the third day you’ve had one!”  Umm… oops.  I guess it’s time to cut back on some Deliciousness.  Especially since I’ve been having “stomach issues…”

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  1. My lactose intolerance went away while I was pregnant with my first! It was strange but really good because I craved milk! Sadly, it came back. I always bought leche deslactosada when I lived in Mexico – do you have that around you?

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