My Milkshake Brings All the Babies to the Yard

Moving past day one and two of breastfeeding–and my worries continue…

The baby seemed SO hungry!  She would cry and root around, and cry and root around.  I nursed her yesterday as much as I could with hopes of bringing in the elusive 72 hour milk.  I googled, “How do I know when my milk is in?.  Don’t bother.  It doesn’t tell you much.  What it does let you know is that Mom was right: Women everywhere apparently worry about this.  Some women say their milk doesn’t even come until 7 days!  Aagh!

The doctor gave me some comfort when she told me that the baby was latched on well.  But then she said, “If you need formula, don’t feel bad!” Strangely enough, formula hasn’t been tempting.  I just keep telling myself that God made my body, and I have all the tools I need to feed my baby.  And then I pray earnestly because I worry that I am starving Alexandria.

Victor was equally concerned yesterday–although that was probably my fault.  He would say, “She is so hungry because she doesn’t have enough milk!”  Then he would bring me water and food.  When he came home from school last night, he had an extra pep in his step.  He said, “Honey, you’re going to have so much milk!  Look what I brought you!” Then he proceeded to pull out of his bag our supper and three cans of beer.  Three different cans of beer, because he has no idea what I would like.

Apparently, he talked to his sister on the phone while at school.  She called to check to see how the baby was.  “Oh, she’s fine except she’s hungry because Jania doesn’t have enough milk.” Thanks, Love.  She told him that it was normal, and again mentioned formula.  Then his new friend (whom he just met last week) told him to get me beer.  I didn’t really have the heart to tell my husband that he doesn’t have to tell everyone my lactation problems…

I worried extra because Ale hadn’t peed or pooped all day.  All the information (which I shouldn’t have read in the first place) tells you to worry if there is a lack of waste.  So…worry is all I did!  My solution was to take her diaper off.  (We’re using the disposables that someone bought me while she’s new, and really they’re too absorbent.)  Before bed, I stripped her down and wrapped her in a blanket.  We nursed while going to sleep (which was amazing), but were awakened in the middle of the night.  I reached over to grab her, and encountered a laguna in the middle of the bed.  Phrase number one I never thought I would say, “Yay!  Honey, she peed all over the bed!”

Victor was equally excited, and playfully scolded her for all the extra work that she made him do in the middle of the night.  We moved to the other bedroom, but honestly, we were both so happy that she was eating and peeing, that we just talked in between her feedings rather than take advantage of sleep time.  Victor even started the laundry.  At one point, he had been gone a while, and I came out to see him mopping.  Turns out that worrying about her was really taking a toll on the two of us.  I gloried in being awakened every two hours to her rooting for chichi–especially when I realized that the hardness I was feeling must be my milk.  Her satisfied face makes the excruciating pain worthwhile, and my husband even said, “Now she’s sleeping because she isn’t so hungry!”

And the fun continues.  After a night of nursing upon demand, I was so happy to see her little face this morning looking at me like I was her own personal milk jug.  We’ve nursed all day, and it has paid off!  Phrase number two I never thought I would say happened midway through the day.  “Hooray!  That’s the biggest poop ever!”   I even saved it so Papi can see.  He’s going to be so proud.

2 responses

  1. Oh Nino, you’re doing great. You can’t say I didn’t warn you about the INSANE worrying! I was crying Harper’s first week of life because I thought she was pooping TOO MUCH and it would prevent her from gaining weight like she should. Glad Ale is having big BMs and that Papi is taking good care of both of you. Wish I could just come over and hang out with you and that sweet baby. Please give her kisses from Tia Lisa and Tio Nate. xox

  2. I’m sorry you were feeling so stressed! I think it is very normal to experience this and to feel so upset, but it doesn’t make it any easier! I, too, started bawling because Emmanuel only had one wet diaper on day 3. I’m glad you got over the hump, though! I know where I lived in Mexico formula was pushed, so kudos to trusting your body amidst so many people telling you differently. Keep it up!

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