Breastfeeding Woes of a New Mommy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlexandria asleep on a pillow in my lap–after hours (literally) of nursing/suckling.

Only when you have a home-birth can you be this relaxed to post an update the day your daughter is born… Man, that sounds weird.  I have a daughter?

Today was the day!  Alexandria Irene joined us after a day and night of waiting!  Funny–today was in between my day 2 choice for her birth, and my day 3 choice: St. Paddy’s Day.  I can still count her as my little good luck charm though.  I just hope her stubbornness through her birth is foreshadowing of a lifetime to come!

Wow.  Can we just pause for a moment and laugh at the fact that I wrote this three days ago.  Then promptly got caught up in my baby’s needs and was unable to post anything.  For three days…

She’s perfect, by the way.

Day two was really rough.  We started it out by calling my mama crying.  I couldn’t figure out how to get her to wake up, latch on, and try to eat.  All I could think of was that I had wasted an entire day–and that all of the breastfeeding guides, blogs, and advice tell you that you should ensure proper latch within hours of birth.  Every woman in the world feels like this when she starts breastfeeding, Jania.  That’s why so many women quit in the first couple days.  I listened to my Mama (professional breastfeeder), and got to work.

Victor actually did a lot of the work.  I tried to figure out how to hold her, how to hold my chichi, and how to get her connected.  He stood by with a wet washcloth and pestered her awake.  He pulled her lips out for me to make sure she was latching like a fish.  And he told me what a great Mama I was–and that soon it would get easier.  He has fed me (literally) for the last three mornings as I feed our baby.  It must be getting old though, because today I had oatmeal running down my chin.

When I was still expecting, we would laugh because Alexandria would always move at night.  She would be as still as could be during the day, but when I would lay down to sleep–the party began.  She seems to still think this is when Mama and Papi want to play, and talk, and sing…  Last night we went through the same thing over and over.  Her crying and acting like I hadn’t been nursing for an hour.  Me sitting up and attaching her once more.  Her falling asleep.  Me laying her down and trying to close my eyes.  Her waking up and starting all over again.  I just kept telling myself, This is okay.  The more she suckles–the more milk I’ll have.  Let’s hope that’s true–because we’re still waiting…

Early this morning–around three o’clock– I decided I would just go in the other room so at least one of us got some sleep.  Victor came too.  We were talking about how wonderful she is, when he laughed and said, “Remember when we kept waking her up to eat?”   Ha!  Trust my husband to put everything into perspective.

4 responses

  1. Tears. Happy tears. So so happy for you three. Love the visual of Victor helping with the process…he’s a wonderful Papi and you’re a wonderful Mama. It’s gets easier, I promise. Love you!!

  2. Congrats! Hang in there. I’m not sure if they have lactation consultants but if they do just having one consultation might be a breath of fresh air. It took me 10 weeks to get the hang of it with my first, and it was a million times easier with baby #2. Can’t wait to hear the birth story. Get lots of rest and try to take video of your thoughts (faster than writing) about life because it is hard to remember those first few weeks due to sleep deprivation.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! She is so beautiful, and I love her name. I was almost an Irene (after my great grandmother). It seems to be a name you give to amazing women…Keep the updates coming! 🙂

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