Sugar Pi Honey Bunch

pi shirt

I painted this–the front says, “Miss American π” 

Once I accepted that my baby wasn’t going to act up with the moon, I went ahead and chose my favorite March days for her potential birth.

First up: Pi Day

Oh, math, how I miss you!  Teaching Pi Day was the best part of my first year teaching.  My kids all painted their number on their t-shirts, and we spent the day singing songs, reading Pi books, playing games, and of course, eating pi(e).  What an irrational day in fourth grade!  I had it all planned out last night–if I were to have a Pi baby, I had big plans to dress him in onesies with mathematical jokes!  And birthdays would really be fun!  Poor child would always have to have birthday pi(e) rather than cake, but it would be never ending fun!  We could go on and on for the rest of his life!  Plus, I would sing the best lullabies:  Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, American Pie, etc.

Sigh.  Alas, it’s almost 3 p.m. and this baby doesn’t seem eager to join her mama in celebrating a fun math day.

Guess I’ll hold out for tomorrow–my second day of choice:  The Ides of March.  Beware, baby, beware.

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