40 Weeks and Smiling (Mostly)


“It really hasn’t been that bad,” I tell my husband to reassure him.  And it’s true! I mean, I’ve had my fair share of complaints:

  1. Morning sickness until 28 weeks.
  2. Pelvic pain
  3. Dehydration issues (Pregnant+Living in the desert=Not a good combination…)
  4. Rolling over in bed with great effort
  5. Lack of sleep

It’s hard to believe that I am forty weeks, and that I am guaranteed a baby in the next 10-12 days.  I mean, I’ve been counting down since February.  (How silly!  I wish the doctor hadn’t told me that she expected the baby with the full moon!  And the new moon has come and gone too–so I guess this really IS dependent on the baby…)  I’ve been searching in vain for mucus plugs and signs of lactation.  I’ve over-analyzed every single contraction or movement the baby makes!

Darn you, Mexico, for your obligatory 6-weeks-prior-to-due-date-maternity-leave.  And these dreams I’ve had this week are welcome to leave as soon as possible.  For some reason, I’ve had bad dreams.  Usually I am trying to protect the baby.  Even Victor was talking in his sleep last night.  He doesn’t ever do that!  It was kinda funny–both Spanish and English.  “Estamos esperando.  (We are waiting.)  We hope maybe tomorrow.” Funnier still is he must have been dreaming about his family–his Spanish sounds different when he talks to his family.

I finally feel like we’re ready to have the baby–after several worries have been taken care of.  The first was money (Isn’t it always?).  When I found out that the Social Security wasn’t going to pay my paycheck for maternity leave I panicked.  What?  How would we survive!?  After 6 weeks, we’ve been assured that my employer is paying the full amount.  Whew!  Thank goodness we started saving–because we’ve had to use it!

Second, I’ve been waiting in vain for my box of goodies from the States to make it.  My sweet friends sent it around a month ago.  I actually dreamed I didn’t have diapers for the baby the other day–as that was one of the items included!  Today I hung the new diapers out on the line, and “the diapers were hung on the clothes line with care–in hopes that sweet baby soon would be there” popped into my mind.

I look forward to my appointment today–as I am eager to hear if we’ve progressed.  Never before have I looked forward to exploration of my nether region by a doctor, but it seems like a lot of change is going on.  Might as well throw in the towel!  Prod away doctor!  As long as the news that comes out of your mouth is good news!  Maybe she’ll tell me that the gas pains and nausea I’ve been feeling is really labor.  That would be amazing after reading all these stories about women who had NO idea they were in labor.  Fat chance.


And a side view…

2 responses

  1. Good luck! It can happen any minute. I know the last few days of labor can seem like an eternity, but really try to go do something CRAZY if you get bored/anxious/impatient… like go to the movie theater 🙂

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