A List Complete!

Four weeks of working on a baby blanket is good for a mama’s well-being.  It gives her something to do each day as she waits on her Mexican baby.  It’s also nice to be able to think of snuggling her little bug inside and cuddling her to pieces.  I did receive inspiration online–and the song is quickly becoming one of my favorites for my elefantito.  YouTube video with song



Cute little guy, eh?  The best thing is that the whole blanket is made from the same material as my moby (my fake moby…) so it’s super soft!


Speaking of my baby wrap, that is another check off this mama’s to-do list.  Five meters of material cut into one long strip for tying my baby up–check!  I did let my husband choose the material color (Although I did take the black and grey out of the options–Love and Logic is aplicable to husbands too: give choices you can live with!).  I was pretty happy with his bright-as-the-sunshine yellow!  This baby really will be the happiest baby on the block!

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