Patience is a Virtue (Seriously Lacking…)

My baby is big.  8 pounds and some ounces already.

Today I went to the doctor, and she said the baby is in the perfect position.  I’ve been hearing this for a while, but it is still a huge comfort to hear it again.  She told us how hard it was to measure the heartbeat because the baby is moving everywhere (I could have clued her in on that one…).  Annnd, she told us that the baby’s head still isn’t as far down as I would like to believe it is.  Sigh.

Victor says, “March 12th, Jania.  The baby isn’t ready yet.  She’ll come when she’s ready!”  Oh, honey, Mama is ready.

I’m not going to complain TOO much, after all, there are some things I’d like to have ready first.  I’ve been diligently working on a little blankie for the chamaco made out of the left-over material from my Moby Wrap.  My husband picked out the color–it’s bright yellow.  It’s really taken a long time to make this–which is good, considering time is the one thing I have a lot of.

I’d like for our house to be spic-n-span.  In fact, yesterday, my husband witnessed my first fit-pitching directed towards him. I wanted to clean the room and bathroom we’ll be using for the birth (we hope).  Unfortunately, Victor used some strong cleaner in the little bathroom, and I knew it wasn’t something I should inhale for 30 minutes.  He didn’t expect me to clean it, so he kept saying, “Leave it–I’ll do it.”  Well, I even broke out stomping feet and flailing arms for this doozy.  He wasn’t impressed.

We also ordered some goodies from the United States to use.  A friend boxed them up and sent them my way.  At the time, I thought, “Oh, no biggie.  They’ll be here with time to spare.” It seems that when you have time to spare, you worry about all the time that you might not have to spare.  This box included some postpartum care items I’d really like to have.

I battled my doola (I’ve decided that’s really what she is rather than a midwife) over wearing diapers when the baby is born.  (Not the baby–he’ll be in diapers.)  Apparently, this is really common/expected here.  Women use Depends rather than pads.  I’m not judging them, I just don’t want to join that party wagon.  She was disappointed.  She also was disappointed when I informed her that I wouldn’t be purchasing a 400 peso ice pack for my nether region.  “Well, if you want inflammation and pain, that’s your choice,” she said in Spanish.  No offense, lady, but you just lost major support-the-mama points.  If I had more choices, I would choose someone else in a moment’s notice.

So, you can see what sitting around waiting around for this baby does to me:  It brings out the beast.  We’ll be lucky if the daddy, the doctor, and the doula are still here when this little Mexican finally shows up.

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  1. Your doula sounds like a car salesman!! You do NOT need depends!!! I bled for 6 weeks after Harper was born (even though I had a C) and a pad will get the job done! I’m cracking up that she’s trying to put you in adult diapers, you’re already going to be changing someone else’s diapers- geez! We are 36 weeks at 6.5 lbs and I’m afraid I’ll be having an 8lber too, I get it, they need to come out while they can still fit!! The last month of pregnancy is probably harder than the morning sickness phase!

    • I was over 6 lbs too at 36 weeks. It’s a little daunting when they tell you online that the baby will gain 1/2lb a week! I don’t mind a chubby healthy baby–as long as all goes well (fingers crossed…) I had morning sickness a ridiculously long time (until 28 weeks), but I am afraid I might agree with you. It’s hard to wait right now! Good luck on your next couple weeks! 🙂

  2. I am with you on the depends stuff. Whoever thought up that one? Ice pack? Never heard that one either… Hats off to you my dear for stickin to your guns! I am thinking any day now..😘

  3. Sweet Nino, thanks for the good laugh. I needed it. First, at the mental image of you stomping and waving your arms about (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like that from you). And second, at your great last line in this post. Hopefully the box arrives soon. But sweetie, if that baby is half Mexican and half Blakley she is DOOMED to be late, so just sit tight!
    Oh, and BE NICE TO VICTOR. You kind of need him around. And we like him. Just don’t ask Nate how I was the last few weeks. Oh my.
    The longer the baby hangs in there the better, my friend. As my friend at doula told me at about this stage, the true average gestation is 41.5 weeks. 🙂 Love you bunches.

    • Haha… I am happy to hear that you were a bear. Your pictures on the way to the hospital look so carefree.

      50% Mexican 50% Blakley… sigh. I am doomed. Maybe she’ll take after her Daddy. He says, “I don’t know why we have to run, run, run all the time. We can just get there early and wait…” 😉

  4. JANIA; thank you for keeping us informed of the latest!!! Yes, baby will be here when its ready and sounds like you are doing well and are prepared. Did you know your Daddy was due on October 19th? Also, your cousin, Kendra had her last baby with a midwife…

  5. Jania, I so often chuckle when I read your posts….just don’t comment! When you mentioned the ice packs my mind went back to when Lisa was born. My Dr. had decided that “cold” was better for reducing the swelling after the baby was born….so instead of a hot sitz bath, I had a cold one. The sitz bath thing was a little bathtub that just your backside sat down in and your feet dangled over it. The sitz bath was filled with water and ice! When the bum went down the ice scooted all around it and kept moving under it…quite an odd feeling to say the least. 🙂 BRRRRR! I have heard of using cold packs…I’m sure they would help some. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Mama Linda! I’m not completely opposed to ice packs–just the one that my doula is wanting to sell me. I think it’s just my stubbornness now though… Oooh! I hope it wasn’t too cold there when Lisa Marie was born! I can’t imagine sticking my tush into ice water!

      • Actually, I almost fell asleep in that cold water. Delivery does wear you out! I understand on the price of some things. I don’t know what you have or can get….maybe even a couple ice cold sitz baths will do! 🙂

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