Anticipating a Full Moon

At my appointment 6 weeks ago, my doctor matter-of-factly informed me that I needed to be ready to birth this week.  Not only am I 38 weeks, but the full moon is tomorrow.

The full moon is credited with all kinds of craziness.  Ask any teacher, and they can tell you that there has to be SOME truth to the theories.  Classrooms of generally well-behaved children go a little wild–and all over the halls you hear, “Oh, it’s because of the full moon…”

I read a book one time by Barbara Kingsolver that claimed that a woman’s cycle used to be with the moon.  As women became more exposed to artificial lighting, it  threw off the natural order of things.  So the tales of wild behavior on a full moon were attributed to the charge of pheromones flying around out there.  I don’t know if that’s true or not–but I know that a lot of people claim that the moon does funny things to us.

In fact, it’s interesting that it isn’t even one culture.  Pretty much all over the world different beliefs about the power of the moon are passed down in “old wives tales.” Some claim that the moon’s power over water and the tide would naturally affect us due to the abundance of water in our bodies.

I don’t know how much I believe the mooners, but I’ve felt a need to be prepared today.  Just in case.

At least I can rest happy knowing that should he decide to grace us with his presence sometime in the next week, he’d be right on time.  They say that two weeks before isn’t out of the ordinary.  I also read online that she’s probably shed that cheesy baby stuff–which makes me pretty happy.  Cheesy babies look a little gross to me.

I check in vain for signs of my body preparing to go.  I did feel stirring today down low–so that was encouraging.  My hips and inner thighs burn when I stand up and try to move.  The baby’s stretching out the skin in the middle of my belly as he moves the majority of his body down.  That’s it though.

The countdown is on.


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  1. As a Navy wife I can tell you that the moon did not have a huge effect on the baby thing. BUT, generally speaking nine months after the ship came home there was a significant spike in babies arriving… Just saying…. 🙂

      • 😍 End of October 1983, ship arrives; following Aug 2, Kimmy arrived…. Just sayin…. And the baby wing at Balboa Naval Hospital was over flowing with newborns….. Just sayin.

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