A Letter to My Unborn Child

Dear Baby-of-Mine,

This is your mama writing to you.  You know: the one who talks and sings all the time?  I feel like we will be best buddies, you and I.  After all, I’ve been waiting for you half of my lifetime.  Maybe I’ve been waiting longer than that…

Don’t worry about a thing.  I learned how to swaddle a baby when I was a little girl.  My mama showed me on my baby dolls.  And one day, I will show you.  Even if you’re a boy there are some things you should learn.  My mama also showed me how to change a diaper.  Your diapers are ready!  I washed them, folded them, and tucked them away in nice neat stacks.

Daddy is really excited to see you too.  He is the other one who talks to you all the time.  He calls you an itty-bitty baby–but I don’t call you that.  You’ve been kicking and punching too strong to be my itty-bitty baby.  Daddy has been waiting on you a long time too.  You’re going to have so much fun with him.  He can’t wait to take you to the park and teach you Spanish.  Until then, he’ll be happy to hold you, and rock you, and love you.  (If you’re planning on throwing up or having explosive diapers, Daddy’s your man for that too…)

Baby, I know that things will be a little scary for you in this great big world.  But you can count on Mama and Daddy to love you up so.  (Mama just quoted a wonderful book–and she can’t wait to read you all the greatest!)  Your BIG family will also be a little scary.  We’re so happy that you have lots of cousins to love–26 to be exact!  You may not get to play with them too often, but they will Skype with you soon.

Most importantly, baby, you should know that you are a precious gift from God.  Your heavenly father loves you dearly, and will soon breath of life into your little lungs!  Until then, keep doing what you’re doing.  Even though your hiccups and rolling make Mama moan and groan, every little movement brings you closer to the day when you will be smothered with love and kisses.

Love always,

Your Mama

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