“That’s What You Get”

My mom said this to me the other day, “That’s what you get, Jania, for giving your Daddy such a hard time.” She, of course, was referring to more evidence of me choosing a man just like my dad.

I can’t say anything to Victor–after all, I am the one who chose him.  So when he comes into the room with his jeans pulled up, his shirt tucked in, and his belt on, I can only sigh.  Or when he orders Broccoli and Cheese soup at lunch, then proceeds to exclaim over how delicious it is.  “That’s what I want you to make.  Can you do that?”  he asks.  Apparently, my rendition of broccoli and cheese soup didn’t quite cut it.  Granted, it was much healthier…

Yesterday, on our walk, he tells me all about how when he builds a house–his room will be as far as possible from the street.  The noise is just too much.  I just continued on silently, but I was shaking my head and exclaiming on the inside.

  • At night, my husband likes to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea.
  • He can’t stand being late for anything–and will even head to class an hour early to wait for it to begin.
  • Today, his frustration over us missing previews almost did him in.  I thought we would have to pass on the movie altogether.
  • And no, we can’t buy canned vegetables, because he just told me that he doesn’t like the way they taste.  He prefers them fresh–and slightly crunchy when cooked.
  • You should see the things he mixes together when he cooks.  I am sorry, honey (and Daddy), but green beans, broccoli, and corn really don’t taste that great cooked in the same pot.

My mom said it best, that’s what I get…  big sigh…


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