A Funk

That’s what I’ve been in today: a funk.  It’s weird because I am so used to having high spirits here in Mexico–when I feel all moody it doesn’t belong.

I would like to find the source of this funk.  Perhaps it has to do with my constant worrying for the last five days.  The baby is all head down and ready to go–but is turned sideways (as if she’s looking at my hip bone, if you will).  So, I go to sleep worrying about my position, and I watch my shows bent at a 90 degree angle over my yoga ball.  I haven’t been desperate enough to mop the floor on my hands and knees, but stay tuned…

I’ve been more than a little irritated about receiving my paycheck from the Social Security system who pays for my maternity leave.  We’ve visited the bank three times, and have been told that I am not in the system.  So, the next step is to talk to the people at the hospital.  We’ve tried.  The line is outrageous.  I am determined that tomorrow morning is the day that we will put this all to rest.  So, Victor doesn’t know–but we’re getting up early and heading down there.

And then there’s the normal aches, pains, swollen ankles, and numb fingers (from carpal tunnel).  That doesn’t help.

Finally, we can blame this on the fact that I am not working.  But I’ve tried to keep busy.  Baby clothes are washed and hung or folded.  Moby Wrap is made.  And baby blanket is mostly finished.  What more should I do?  Twiddle my thumbs?  (This is a real thing.  You should ask my mom).

My sweet husband has let me be a bum today–and is most sympathetic.  But I am afraid I may have scared the handy man from school.  Normally I offer drinks and food–but today I just complained.

Let’s blame it on being 36 weeks pregnant.  Shall we?

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