It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Baby

Well, there’s  one thing this incapasidad has given me:  time.

A lot of it.

We have had a room piling up with gift bags, and a suitcase crammed full of diapers and onesies.  I finally decided it was time to get ready for this chubby kid I am cooking.  I walked through the house the other night, and it made me smile to see our swing in the living room.  No baby–but evidence that one is on the way!

As if the baby clothes, diapers, blankets, etc. aren’t enough, my body is constantly reminding me.  No longer do I feel the quickening flutters that make me smile in delight.  Nope:  sharp knees, elbows, and a round bottom and back keep me alert.  I can’t help but just stare when he starts moving.  It’s like an alien is in there rolling around and settling down to where my pansita is lopsided.

Victor and I went to a hotel for my birthday–just because the two things I wanted most were a bath and a swim.  It was the most expensive swim I’ve ever had (but worth every penny).  Being in the water was amazing–I felt like I didn’t weigh an ounce!  Victor just drug me around like a rag doll–and even when I swam laps, I couldn’t really tell any difference between now and when I was babyless.  We’re on the search now for a local pool to swim at more often.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Normally, I wouldn’t be all about a picture of me in my bathing suit–but proud papi is too cute here.  He said, “It’s a picture of me and my baby.” 

We also are trying to walk more.  I get so stiff and achy after sitting around.  This is another reason why I wanted to work longer: I feel like now, we’re just waiting around for the baby.  Victor walked in the living room a few minutes ago, and said, “Los pañales son listos.  Los zapatitos son listos.” (The diapers are ready.  The little shoes are ready.)  He was commenting on the pile of folded diapers sitting on our coffee table.  That’s how it is right now:  Clean baby goodies all ready to go–and the parents wandering around waiting for a baby to use them.

Surprisingly, I still feel great overall!  I move from the couch to my yoga ball when my hips start hurting.  I groan as I get up and start walking, feeling like I’ve been working out my inner thighs, and I grunt as I roll off the bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  I have finally accepted help getting my shoes on each day too, but I feel good!  Even the things I complain about are worth it.

Oh, yes.  We are in baby mode and counting down:  
Watch me go two weeks late as this baby begins to teach me patience…


Baby y Yo–35 weeks!

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