My 42-Day Vacation in Mexico

When I finally came out of the closet (telling the school I was expecting), the first thing I hear about is their “rather generous” maternity leave.  Required by law, I would be taking 42 days before the due date and 42 days after the birth as my incompasidad.  Then, sometime last week, I hear about a NEW law.  Instead of taking 42 days before–I could pile all those days together and have about three months after the baby was born.  Hooray!  That sounds wonderful!

Until Mexico bureaucracy struck again.

It seems that when laws change here, people who should know about them never do.  Oh, people at school were aware.  The school lawyer confirmed it.  And yet, the people who sign off on maternity leave (the government hospital) had no clue.

So, it begins:  my forty-two day count-down.

I won’t complain about Day One.  I slept in.  I went to the store.  I hung out with my husband.  I cooked some Asian food.  I watched some shows online.  I read a book.  But this kind of life can’t continue for long…

I’ve decided a couple of projects are in order:

  1. Make my own Moby Wrap.  Do you know how expensive these are?  Basically, you pay close to $50 for a long strip of cloth so that you can carry your baby the way Mexican women have for centuries with scrap material.  I want to go get the material today to begin my project.  I am having a hard time deciding between a woven Mexican fabric or some kind of knit fabric.  
  2. Make a baby blanket.  I am not talking about anything fancy here.  The main idea is that this project gets finished (unlike many of my schemes).  I want some kind of applique business, but I can’t decide what.  It has to be gender neutral–and I am wondering if undertaking the entire alphabet will be too much.  Probably.
  3. Wash and store baby “stuff”.  I am talking about the diapers I already have mostly.  They say you should wash those a few times before using them to make them more absorbent.  I also have a few baby clothes–we really don’t have that many, and when people ask, I say, “What is the baby really going to wear to begin with?  Onesies?” Usually seasoned mamas will tell me, “They outgrow them so fast anyway, you don’t need too much.”  I bought some Free and Clear (imported) Detergent yesterday.  Turns out Mexicans don’t really believe in detergent without smell.  (The detergent aisle was my enemy when I had morning sickness.)

I can’t wait to begin!  This will keep my mind busy while this little guy incubates a bit more.

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