It’s All in a Name

I love my name.

I’ve always felt really special to have such a unique and well-pondered name. Mama used to tell me about how she lay in bed at night wondering what she would name me. After having previously named three children with “J”, she wanted it to be a “J” name too. I think I won the lottery.

  • Jami Michelle was named after my grandfather, James, and my dad, Micheal.
  • Joseph was named after my great-grandfather, Edward Joseph.
  • Jennifer Lynn was the 1980’s baby who ended up with the most popular name of the year–but she was also named after my uncle, Terry Lynn.
  • My little sister, Jacinda Adele, also has a pretty great name: My oldest brother picked her first name out, and her middle name is the name of one of our preachers.

And then there was me… Jania Irene. My mom took my grandmother’s name, Jean, and my great-grandmother’s name, Maria, to make Jania. Irene is my maternal grandmother’s name.

So when I think of putting a name on my precious little baby, I really have been thinking hard. Because it’s one of my favorite things to do (and I want to make sure another “Jennifer” situation doesn’t happen), I’ve been checking out the birth announcements again in my hometown. These are names that WON’T be found on a child of mine:

  1. Xinamae
  2. Afeni
  3. Adiaree
  4. Averie (Anyone else wondering about all these weird “A” names? Oh, wait! I think they mean, Avery…)
  5. Jessexander
  6. Canaan (I actually LOVE this name, but I had a student who was really b-a-d named Canaan. Entonces, name is ruined…)
  7. Parinique
  8. Guage (I feel like I should give parents Word Study lessons on the “rules” for word patterns in English. How do you pronounce this? Gooj?)
  9. Kloe Nikole
  10. Zoiey (Same reason as #8.)

Bless their hearts. (And their teachers…) This has given me a lot to think about!

Sidenote: Every name on this list popped up on spell-check except for Canaan. Even mine…

3 responses

  1. JANIA: years ago the way they named the babies were named after the grandparents…..I loved the name Michael…. Charles was my maternal grandfather whom I adored… then Daniel……I would have loved to name your Dad David but we already had one….Uncle David….then Ruth Ann just fit her, tho I originally wanted to name her Naomi!!! n then Elizabeth, but your Grampa said “no way”…..when she was born I had the name Gloria Jean picked out for my daughter, if I ever had one, but the name did not fit my sweet little daughter….then of course, when the next baby girl was born…..yep! it was her. Next came another sweet little girl and your Grampa named her Shirley Fay…..good luck, a name is a very important thing for your precious little treasure. Shirley named Courtney but originally wanted to name her Brittany….more than once when people ask her name after a short time they will call her Brittany, tho they never knew the background.

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