So everyday when I check on my blog, I get to see what word or phrase has been popped into the search engine before they make way to The Art of Living. I’ve had quite a range over the last year, but usually they make sense. For example, “Bathrooms in Mexico”. I wrote quite a bit about how different the bathrooms are in Mexico. This makes sense to me.

“The Art of Living” makes sense too. As does the use of any part of that quote. I never question song lyrics, or my name. In fact, someone (ahem!) finds my blog all the time with just a few words: “Jania Blakley, Chiapas, Art of Living.”

You know what doesn’t make sense:

Girls cooking in panties

No joke. I have tried my best to figure out at what point I talked about cooking and panties. It’s wasted time.

I mean, I know I’ve talked about panties, after-all, I wear panties. In fact, for the last couple months–they get changed multiple times a day due to this baby’s big head resting on my bladder. Throw-up, cough, sneeze, laugh, gag, and I need to change again. Nice, eh? (Part of me wondered if my pride was too grand to admit that–and then I came to the conclusion that if it happens to me, it must happen to a lot of women. Maybe if we start talking about it, it won’t be something to hide. Maybe…)

I cook too. In fact, I joke that I am such a better wife now that I am pregnant. I can’t go without breakfast, so Victor gets breakfast every morning! I even wear panties while I cook, but I assure you–I wear more than that! This girl is too messy to run around a stove without proper covering…

I can’t ever remember writing about girls wearing panties while cooking. Until now. So now, when I see something absurd that someone searched to find my site, it will be justified. But can you imagine how disappointed he must be? To go looking for that, and instead end up here? Hee hee…

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  1. I wish I could remember one that made me DIE!!! It was like donkey butt skinny pregnant girl… well not exactly but I just can’t remember! I love checking the search stats because there’s always one that I’m like “ummm I know I didn’t write about foot porn”! One weird thing I did just notice is that one of my friends names was searched…? Does that mean she searched my blog to see if she was in it maybe? I thought those search terms were from outside of the blog, but now I’m confused! I want to ask her but we aren’t super close or anything, so it might be awkward.

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