Date Night

One of our favorite things to do here is go to the movies.  I know that isn’t a surprise to most of you, but last night we really roughed it.  We didn’t go VIP.

What’s a VIP movie?  Sigh.  Perfection.

Okay, you know how in the United States the movie price is now an arm and a leg?  If you want to see a movie with a date–you better make it a matinee, or you’ll be paying two arms and two legs.  Forget snacks–you’ll want to smuggle some candy and a bag of cold microwavable popcorn from home in your over-sized bag.   Your soda might blow up when you open it from all the shaking in the bottom of your bag–and be quite when you do that… No one needs to know you were too cheap to buy snacks at the cost of a fine dining experience.

Well, welcome to Mexico and movie heaven:

First of all, you have two options: the cheap route and VIP.  The cheap movies are theatres like we have in the States.  Stadium seating, get your food before you enter, etc.  The cost is about three dollars.

VIP movies are what you want though…

You pay about $6.50-7.00  for the VIP experience.  You are in a separate area of the theater.  The decor changes immediately, and you may feel lost.  While you’re thinking of where you should go, have a seat in the lounge area.  Have a cocktail or something to eat to clear your head.  And when you buy your tickets–you get to reserve your seats.  Oh! your seats!  Erase ideas of those uncomfortable regular movie chairs… You have a leather recliner!  They are grouped in twos–and on each side is a little table.  Should you get chilly in the theatre, feel free to request a blanket.  It will be delivered to you shortly.

On top of the table is a menu–because soon, a server shows up at your seat to take your order.  You might choose to go the regular route with some popcorn or soda, but don’t be hasty!  You can have hot cocoa, cafe style drinks, crepes, freshly made sushi  etc.

Just a word of warning, should you choose to get a hotdog–all the condiments will be delivered to you.  And if you happen to accidentally spill the jalapeno peppers/juice in your lap, it won’t soak into your seat.  So if your inner thighs start burning halfway through the movie, extra napkins should be requested.  I mean, surely that would never happen, but just in case…

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