Homes of Zion

We had our first visitor from the U.S. in our meeting! Hooray! This was super exciting because, for once, I wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand… And actually, he didn’t speak Spanish at all, so I felt really happy to be able to help him with the numbers for the hymns.

I’ve been thinking of this year and everything that has brought us to this place in life. Victor and I didn’t even know each other a year ago–but Sunday did mark my one year mark for going to meeting in Mexico! I remember sitting in those first meetings feeling so desperate to be fed. I would glory in the hymns that we sang translated from English–knowing at least a few of the words.

Sunday I gave my testimony with just a little help from my friends. I didn’t have to prepare word-for-word. Last week, I started praying in Spanish so that I can receive a little help from my husband prior to making that transition in our meeting. It’s been really great. I remember a friend telling me that praying and reading together could strengthen a relationship–and I always thought we would just pray at the same time. But we read the chapter(s) together–he in English and me in Spanish. It helps him to understand a bit before the meeting itself. And it helps me to understand the Spanish–because sometimes the translations don’t transfer the same message in my head.

These little moments are so sweet to me! And as I think of adding our next family member, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to have little family studies and prayers. How precious will that be! I hope I can just have what I need to be a wife and mother in Zion.

Speaking of the newest addition–I can’t stop thinking of the baby and what we will need to do to get desired meeting behavior. Oh, man! This is where my head just spins and spins! I so often have seen mamas AFTER they’ve done the hard work with their little ones. Not the actual process! Where do I even start!?

Make my home a home of Zion, where the Lord would have first place; where the rule is live for others who are weary in the race. Homes of Zion, Homes of Zion, Matchless treasure is their worth. Homes of Zion, Homes of Zion, sweet influence in the earth.

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  1. Oh my word…two super sweet posts in one day. Thanks for making me laugh with the first and smile in my heart with the second. You’re gonna be a great mama.
    I’ll be honest, the sore hips won’t get any better in the next few weeks. But they recover amazingly well post baby. Just think of it as them widening out and softening in preparation for sweet wee ones arrival. You’ll be glad for every extra millimeter!
    Love you and miss you tons.

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