Home Again… Someday

Maybe it’s the fact that I have two weeks off school.

Maybe it’s because all the Americans have left.

Maybe it’s because I read all five books I checked out from the library.

Maybe it’s because I am pregnant.

But probably it is because all my family is home except for me.

When we were young at night when my little sister had to lay down to sleep she would pitch a fit.  (It’s clear to see that her children have inherited that innate gift of fit pitching…) She would stomp to the living room and whine, “Everyone is having a party without me!”  That’s what it feels like:  Everyone is having a party without me.  And yes, I am indulging myself in self-pity.

I am trying to enjoy my place.

  1. I get to spend all day with my husband.
  2. I get to relax, read, and watch shows on my computer.
  3. I get to sort baby diapers and clothes.
  4. I get to cook.

But really, what that list looks like is this:

  1. I’m in Mexico alone.
  2. I’m in Mexico alone.
  3. I’m in Mexico alone.
  4. I’m in Mexico alone.

Sigh.  Now would be the time for me to find a hobby.  And fast!  My busybody of a husband scurries around here and there painting this, washing that, walking here or there.  And I am perfecting the art of moping.  Only it really is an art because I try to hide the fact that I am homesick from him.

Honestly, I think it is made worse knowing that I won’t get to come home in…forever.  Next summer is looking a little nutty as we have to move to a new house/apartment.  We also need to get down to Chiapas to see Victor’s family.  Thanksgiving is looking good–but it’s just a week.  So the thought of flying home with a 8 month old for a week isn’t too appealing.  That leaves Christmas.  One year from now.  Big Sigh.

If this is what happens to me when I have a little time on my hands, I don’t know what I will do when my maternity leave comes around.  The six weeks BEFORE the baby is born will be long.  I REALLY need a hobby before then…

7 responses

  1. Awwww. Think of your Momma coming! And don’t fret about what you will do when you are on maternity leave… you’ll have a baby that will fill your hours, days and heart. Best hobby ever:-) Also, you are an amazing writer… start writing children’s books! I’ll be your illustrator?

    • 🙂 Thank you, Karen! I think of you having your babies so far away from family. I don’t know how you did it! I just had a feel-sorry moment… Hopefully that’s gone!
      P.S. If I ever decide to write, you’ll be my gal for sure!

  2. Oh… My precious child…. My heart….. Know this, I too am grieveing that one of my-chicks isn’t in the nest…. Yet…. I must be content with the fact that it will often be this way. Just rest assured you and your little family is missed.

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