Feliz Navidad (y Prospero Año y Felicidad)

Can I tell you about Navidad in Mexico?  Well, at least from our perspective (as non-Christmas celebrators).

Last night, all we heard were the artillery shells fireworks.  That was soon replaced by the piñata song “Dale, dale, dale…”  Of course, that was followed up by MORE fireworks.  I actually got a little scared and set the alarm.  (Things in Torreon are a little unstable right now, so when we hear fireworks, we always ask, “Was that gunshots or fireworks?” More about this later.)

Mexicans have been celebrating Christmas since the beginning of the month–in a big way!  They had a day where they celebrated Guadalupe (the virgin mother who appeared on the smock of an Indian guy).  They celebrate the baptism of Jesus, the birth of Jesus, and later–on the 6th of January, they celebrate the 3 Kings.  Last night (Christmas Eve) is called Noche Buena Good Night.  And then, of course, today: Christmas.

I, on the other hand, am just wondering what we should do.

I mean, I assume businesses are closed.  We aren’t exchanging gifts.  We don’t know anyone here.  So, this is my Christmas agenda:

1)  Finish this blog

2)  Place an order online for some baby diapers

3)  Call my mom

4)  Start a new book (I’ve read two this weekend…)

5)  Walk out to the main street to see if anything is open

6)  Watch a show online

7)  Cook some veggies (Yesterday we didn’t eat nearly enough veggies)

8)  Repeat #3

9)  Continue #4


Most Mexicans will really be living it up today.  Us?  Well, we sang each other Feliz Navidad… does that count?

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