Deck The Halls


The other day, I continued to reveal my goodies from my trip to the States during Thanksgiving.  (Yes, I still have items in my suitcases…don’t judge.)  I walked out into the living room, and said, “Victor, do you want to hang these up?”

I was referring, of course, to these window clings that I found in a box of classroom items.  I used to purchase items AFTER Christmas that I knew I would need the next year.    I always have pencils, cute paper, etc.

Well, my husband very seriously says, “Oooohhhhh, those are nice.  But we don’t have anywhere to hang them.”

We do have windows, people.  So imagine my surprise/ confusion.

Then he continued, “Wait…”

And he walked over, and hung them on a nail on the wall.

I decided that maybe I should explain we peel them off the paper and stick them to the windows.  So, I showed him, “No, honey, they work like this…”

“Oh, that’s good,” he said, “but don’t they look better on the wall?”

Oh, dear.  Something tells me that my life will never be boring with a husband like this.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And so it continues to hang…

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