Christmas Posada


Friday night was our Christmas Posada for school.  Basically, that means party…  Apparently a traditional posada is a lot of fun: piñatas, candy, gifts, etc.  This was fun too–it was just more of a dress-up, dance, and have-a-good-time party.

So, in typical Jania-style, we went shopping Thursday night for Victor’s suit.  In our defense, we were super busy all week with birthing classes and meeting…  The mall was gorgeous–all decked out for the holidays.  We celebrated with a Chinese buffet.  Yum!  Americans would have been outraged by this place.  The Chinese restaurants are NOT the place to go in the evening.  They are always running out of food.  On the other hand, if you get there first thing when they open–it’s fresh and yummy!  They just don’t want to throw away food at night–so we literally scraped the bottoms of the containers.

We saw a performance of a school group too.  This is very different from our performances at home.  Remember choir concerts at our mall?  Pretty simple, eh?  Go. Sing. Get off the risers.  Not Mexicans.  All the performances I have seen here include the students moving as one up onto the risers.  Standing up.  Sitting down.  It’s all in the mass movement.

I’ve been hearing about how fun the posadas are here since August.  So, you might say I had pretty high expectations.  Everyone found seats (we had some saved for us right beside the dance floor), and the best part was that the WHOLE staff was there.  Not just the teachers. I really enjoyed seeing the custodial staff dressed up with their spouses.  Honestly, sometimes, I really enjoy them more.  They are so genuine.  I enjoy my second lunch I take with one lady.   (It’s when I eat my snack.)  She and I talk about my husband, baby, and life in general.

The real fun begins when they start the music though.  Let me just tell you: I really feel sorry for my husband.  He is an AMAZING dancer, and his wife has two left feet and seemingly no rhythm.  I am going to get him to dance with me every night until I become better.  The best part is: it doesn’t really matter what you dance like in Mexico.  Everyone is just there to have a good time.  I’ve never felt like I was really being judged by anyone else on the dance floor.

One of my friends was bummed because they didn’t play modern music, but honestly, Mexican music is SO much better!  It’s easier to move to!

It hit me while I watched all the people moving and shaking on the dance floor: I can’t believe I live here!  I can’t believe that this is just part of my life now–so normal!  When I first came to Mexico it was all so foreign to me–and now I look forward to making my husband dance with me!  I listen to people speak without that lurch in my throat of panic.  I belong here.  At least for now…


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  1. Thank you for sharing, and I am very proud of my little Army General, as well as proud of how your husband is treating you as I as a father appreciate. Hope that the upcoming season goes well for all three of you! Love, Daddy

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