How To Have a Baby 101

Victor found a midwife back in August.  Us being the eager parents that we were, we went to visit her studio right away.

She sent us away, and told us to return when I was further along.

This week was our first week returning to what I call Birthing Classes.  I have somewhere around 26-27 weeks right now.  I am super confused about how far along I really am (not that five days makes a difference) and when I am due.  Every doctor I visit tells me a different day.  So now when people ask when I am due, I say, “Sometime around the 7th to the 12th.”

See, having a baby here is a little strange.  I mean, I read/watched documentaries about giving birth in the United States and the rise of C-sections–but they have nothing on Northern Mexico.  The rate here is 90%.  Not joking.  This week I met the first two ladies here who had their children naturally.

So, armed with a load of questions, off we went.

Victor is really great.  That was my first realization in the class.  All the women prance around doing their exercises and breathing practice, while the men sit on the couch eating candy.  No joke.  How fair is that?  They play on their smart phones, and are seemingly oblivious to what is going on.

Then my husband joined me for exercises.

He also has the task of translating most information for me.  Sometimes he’ll say, “It’s not important.” Or later he will apologize and say, “Sorry, honey, I am learning too.  It’s hard to translate when I am learning.” This is what happened the first night.

We were surprised when another lady joined us.  She’s a representative for the La Leche group (which, by the way, is non-existent in Torreón according to internet).  She was armed with some fast talking and a Power Point.  I am learning so much new vocabulary, but due to my excessive reading of all things baby-mama, I could struggle along.  We sat together after our Daddy and Me time, and listened intently.  When I asked Victor what was up, he said, “You already know all this.”

He later clarified for me, “You know, your mom is really good.  Everything she said tonight your mom has already told you.”  This was right after he told me of all the questions the girls asked the lactation specialist.  Questions like, “If I drink more milk, will I have more milk?”




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