Free Fallin’

It’s every pregnant woman’s nightmare.  And yet, I somehow mangaged to accomplish what I have been avoiding.

I fell yesterday.

I’ll blame it on my equilibrium and not on my cute flats or the tile sidewalk.  In any case, I fell.  Hard.  But, the good news: I caught myself on my hands and knees.

See, this is what happens if you’ve been a klutz your whole life.  You get used to tripping and slipping–so you learn more about gripping (anything and everything around you).  Lucky for me, my kiddos were in front of me.  A custodian saw, but I was tough.

At least I was tough until I got to my classroom and sat down.  Then my baby started doing a little dance inside of me that felt like there were four babies in there.  I started to worry.  And worry.  AND WORRY.  Until pretty soon, I had convinced myself that I was having mild contractions.  Yeah.  I know.  Contractions hurt, right?  Well, I’ve never had them so I don’t really have much to compare it to.

I went to the office first.  My principal is a pretty good mother, and I knew she could talk me down off the ledge.  She wasn’t there.  I went to the counselor’s office.  I thought for sure that they would at least help me communicate with the Spanish-Only Nurses.  Not there…

Finally, after bursting into tears (we’ll say it was the hormones), the nurse took me to examine my baby.  Estas bien, she said finally.  You’re fine.  Whew.  Big sigh of relief.

Bigger sigh of relief after the doctors-on-wheels arrived and checked me out.  They blamed it on this being my first pregnancy.  I got too excited, and the baby reacted to my tension.  I don’t know.  This baby is still moving like a Mexican Dancing Machine.  I think I must have turned on some button–the movin’ and shakin’ button.  That must be it.  She’s just a Mover and a Shaker.

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  1. Oh no! Well, word of wisdom, even though you didn’t ask for it 🙂 Enjoy people feeling for you when you fall now a days…because if you fall after the baby comes, everyone will be all like: “oh my gosh, were you holding the baby when you fell, is she/he ok?!??” “Oh god you didn’t fall on top of the baby did you? Is the baby okay????” But really, I fell in front of shoppers in a mall parking lot while pushing my stroller, the baby laid in her stroller absolutely fine, she didn’t even blink when she saw momma eat the concrete. My foot was bleeding, I’m pretty sure I detached a toe, and people were STILL like “oh my gosh I’m so glad you didn’t knock the baby stroller over!!!” Thanks, people, no big deal…it’s just a toe amputation, hopefully it’ll still operate my car so I can drive myself to the hospital for them to remove the toe. To top it off, Harper had a BAD poop diaper when I stumbled to the car, and I had to change her while I bled out. Hope you enjoyed that piece of literature I just left you haha!!

    • Hahahha… I haven’t even thought about that! Oh, heaven help us if I fall AFTER I have the baby. My baby-lovin’ husband will never let me hold it again! He was instructing me on holding my 13th sobrino (so much easier in Spanish since I have nieces and nephews) the other day. “Hold her head!” Well, thanks honey, this isn’t my first baby I’ve held, you know…

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