Life With Loved Ones

I feel like such a bad blogger.  I think this might actually be the longest I’ve gone without an update! I’m going to go ahead and blame it on Naomy.  No one can stay upset at a cute baby Mexiamerican.

I flew home last week with an agenda.  Knowing it was my last trip before THIS Mexiamerican arrives made it pretty bittersweet.  In all the years I’ve been living away from home, this will be the longest time span.  Usually I make it home every couple months or so.  I don’t even have a window of opportunity until next July!   Sigh…

Despite the sob story, all my plans changed when my sister actually DID go into labor.  No longer was this a week of baking and basking in the glory of my baby bump.  Nope.  Now it was time for Tia Nia to save the day.  We made homemade playdough, desserts, and read books.  We drew pictures and sang songs.  I was worn out everyday from my monster sweet nephew.

Then, night came.  No relief for the weary in that house.  Me–the pregnant one who takes five minutes to adjust pillows each night–I slept beside Orlando.  At one point I woke up feeling this pressure on my belly.  What do you know: Lando’s fat head was propped up as he struggled to breath.  Little snotty nose brat…

If only he (and his sweet mean little sister) hadn’t stolen my heart away.  Stinkin’ little thieves. 

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