Occupying My Mind

He’s seriously taking over my body. My mind. My heart. My hips…

I feel like all I ever talk about is my baby, my pregnancy, my baby body. It must be maddening for my friends and family. Half of them have gone though the same thing and aren’t too interested–it’s old news. The other half hasn’t experienced it and isn’t very interested either.

My husband is a champ though: He listens dutifully, and remarks with genuine surprise. He interrupts conversations to say things about the baby. And he patiently waits for the baby to kick him as I press his hand against my growing belly.

He doesn’t complain as I try to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Not a word is muttered as I grunt my way out of bed to use the bathroom for the bazillionth time. And when I ask for back-rubs–he accommodates me!

So, maybe I’m not alone as self-entertaining proclaimer of the wonders of life. I have an audience of one. And lucky for me: he’s as excited as I am. That’s the way it should be, huh?

2 responses

  1. Just so you know – I’ve never experienced it, and I LOVE all of your posts. I’m totally interested! Can you send me your address in Mejico, por favor?!

  2. Hi Nino, As I read the various e-mails from you, I want you to know two things: 1.) I am always interested in you, your latest “developments in life”, and your perspectives on all that affects you. 2.) That one of the ways I learn of the love, devotion, and dedication a son-in-law has to toward my daughter is not how he speaks to me, but how he treats and cares for my daughter.As I have said many times, “you can tell a tree by the fruit that it bears”! I am gaining more admiration for Victor as time goes on, and I appreciate very much the way that he treats you!   Love, Daddy

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