Dancing My Way To Limber Hips

I guess this is what happens when you’re six months pregnant: my hips and lower back are starting to get stiff. I also found three tiny stretch marks today. I had to work my way through that. It’s okay, Jania. You’re having a baby. That is so much better than worrying about stretch marks. Plus, it’s not like you were ever a bikini-loving girl in the first place.

This weekend I started using my friend, YouTube, to limber up my body. I didn’t really realize how stiff I’ve become. I crack when I stand up sometimes, and I know that I still have a little ways to go. I mean, the reality that this is the last month of my second trimester is a little overwhelming. I’ve been thinking, “Maybe I can take it back. I can wait a little while to have a baby.” Get ready, Jania, because here she comes!

YouTube is already a favorite for all those brave moms who’ve posted their labor videos–now it’s even better as I have been practicing Prenatal Yoga and Belly Dancing. That’s right, folks. Belly dancing. It is just what I need for these aches and pains in my hips!

After watching a Zumba instructor who was eight months pregnant lead a class, I tried a little of that too. Turns out, I am less coordinated than ever before. That doesn’t stop me from dancing for my husband.

Oh, no worries. I don’t belly dance. Not really. I just stand around him sing Salt N Pepa’s hit “Push It” while making our baby jump around. Today I stood behind the door frame so all he could see was the belly. It makes him laugh, but quite frankly, I get the biggest thrill. If you aren’t up on your bad dance music, check it out. Video

I guess this isn’t the kind of music they want babies to listen to in utero. Y’all watch out: if my baby comes out with a flat-top and gold chains–I am blaming it on his Mexican side of the family.

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  1. Hey…I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings when telling you to move your body…. But…. if this is the results from that then Im glad….I tried to call tonight but you were not on line…. went to bed only to be awakened by a sweet little girl who wanted to sleep with her grandmama…. not a bad thing it just has woke me up and now i can’t sleep. Hope all is well for you and that you are able to rest while Victor works at night. miss you baby. Love,mama Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 02:08:08 +0000 To: shelia0943@hotmail.com

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