Further Evidence That I Married My Father

I like to think that my birthday present to my dad this year was better than anything my siblings could (or would) give him. See, my little sister is concerned that because he is getting so old that he will die soon. I don’t want his heart to give out on him, so I periodically raise his blood pressure. That will work, right?

He likes it.

He might tell you that I drive him nuts, but it’s good for him. (I think.)

So, this year I gave him a good argument on his birthday. I don’t know what it is about our relationship–because I could let it go if some other family member said the absurd ideas that he comes up with (See how I do that?). With him, I just have to let him know how ridiculous I think they are.

So, after this argument nice conversation between father and daughter, my husband says, “You know, you really should be more respectful to your dad.” What, husband? You say you want a little of this too? Just you wait, I have a lifetime in store for you–and you haven’t even had the practice my daddy has had…

Then, he went and got sick(er) on me. I decided to cut him a break and play nice. (After all, that’s how I keep the men in my life on their toes.)

What does he do? Sneers at my sweet tea I made him (per my Mama’s orders). Psh. You’ll only drink it hot? AND you want lemon and honey in it? Well, it’s a good thing: because that’s exactly what I plan to give you ’till the day you die: Lemon. (With a little honey)

Just don’t start using the value pack of evaporated milk that I bought to make biscuits and gravy for your tea, and I will let it slide…

4 responses

  1. Wait a minute. You’re making it sound like your Dad is ‘ancient’. I happen to know better! However, I don’t have a bit of problem ‘seeing’ you arguing with him – – just cause that’s the way you are.

  2. My Precious Daughter Nino, You can always say whatever you like to me, and I will always listen and love you. You always have been, and will always continue to be in my heart my “Little Army General” I expect you to be firm in your believes, that is who you are, and I am very thankful for it. Much of the world is full of followers, who are “swayed” by everything, coming and going. You however are not, come to your own conclusions, and stand fast in what you believe in, regardless of the outcome. That among other fabulous qualities makes you a leader, and if the truth be known, one of the “select few” that due to your ethical and moral foundation, will lead not only your loved ones, but others within your realm of influence, through periless and uncertainty. This could be academic, and it could be far more,I do not know, but in my eyes, you are destined for greatness, and that will happen. You will always be seen in my eyes that way, but there will be a time when others will see you in that light as well. Wait and see, for although you may not agree with me on a variety of issues, you know I always can be counted on for speaking the truth! Love, Daddy

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